Acquisition Criteria

Acquisition Criteria

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Acquisition Criteria

Lichter Realty, Inc. acquires and develops multi-tenant properties in the Chicagoland market, with a buy-and-hold strategy.

Our Product Types

Lichter Realty, Inc. seeks to acquire properties of the following product types:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Flex
  • Mixed-Use

Our Typical Locations

Lichter Realty, Inc. seeks to acquire properties with locations that have the following characteristics:

  • a Location ON (or VISIBLE FROM) a Main Street or an Expressway
  • an Immediate Proximity to an Expressway
  • a Dense, Urban Location with Strong Demographics in the Local Area
  • an Immediate Proximity to Public Transportation (i.e. Metra, CTA ‘L’)
  • a Strong Visibility (i.e. Frontage, Signage, Special Vantage Points)

Our Size Range

Lichter Realty, Inc. seeks to acquire properties in the size range of 10,000 Р100,000 square feet; and, favors properties that easily demise into multiple rental units in the size range of 3,000-30,000 square feet.


Our Ideal Deals

Lichter Realty, Inc. seeks to acquire properties through deals that typically have one or more of the following components:

  • Financially Distressed Assets (or REO Assets)
  • Structurally Distressed or Vacant¬†Buildings
  • Value-Add Potential
  • Sale-Lease-Back Agreements with Owner-Occupants
  • Adaptive Re-Use Potential
  • Strong CAP Rates (10-15%)
  • Aging Ownership seeking Retirement
  • Aging Partnership seeking Disposition

Furthermore, Lichter Realty, Inc. tends to finds itself in one of two types of deals: (1) acquiring a property with existing buildings in need of major renovations, remodeling, restructuring of debt and equity, re-tenanting, repositioning of a property for higher and better uses (through re-zoning or new marketing), and/or lots of maintenance; or, (2) acquiring a stabilized (or mostly stabilized) asset with a strong CAP rate and strong up-side in the near future based on new management and/or a rapidly developing area.


Our Buying Strategy

Lichter Realty, Inc. believes in a lowly-leveraged, highly-liquid investing strategy with its portfolio. Through this structure and philosophy, the Lichter team is not only able to position itself as an aggressive buyer in good and bad times but also able to act as a strong buyer that can perform quickly and actually close on deals, sometimes with little to no contingencies in a transaction.
Lichter Realty, Inc. also tends to act only as a Principal (buyer) in its acquisitions. By taking this deliberate approach as a buyer, the Lichter team provides the maximum amount of value to brokers who have fought hard to get a listing or to a property owner interested in dealing directly with a buyer.

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