Klett USA, Inc.

Klett USA, Inc.

After taking over the 4055 W. Peterson Ave. building in 2016, Klett USA, Inc. was the first new tenants under Lichter Realty’s management. As one of Lichter Realty’s few international tenants, Klett USA, Inc. decided on our property to plant their domestic roots. They focus on marketing and customer service for a large European publisher. Klett USA, Inc. connects with customers all over the world to provide textbooks and educational materials to schools and universities.

The office space they chose at the 4055 Building needed some updates, so while we worked, we provided a temporary office and storage space for them to run their business. Our team worked to build a custom space that would support their daily video conferencing and meeting needs. These critical infrastructure services were important to the success of the business.

Even before we were fully aware of what we wanted, Ray added so much value to the process with his suggestions. – Klett USA, Inc. Team

The build-out resulted in both open space and private offices with ample natural light, windows that open, and high-end finishes. Kelt’s team assisted us in selecting the finishes for the office including paint, carpet, blinds and much more. This collaborative effort was important for building a strong relationship with the tenant, while improving the space’s look and feel.

It’s apparent that Lichter Realty cares about the quality of the building and satisfaction of their tenants. – Klett USA, Inc. Team