The Central Wet Wash

The Central Wet Wash

Flagship Property with Diverse Tenant Community

Size: 40,000 SF

Acquisition Date: 1991

The Central Wet Wash building in Irving Park is filled with history and purpose. As one of our flagship properties, it’s rich history as a wet laundry facility adds character to an already beautiful property. The poured concrete, utilitarian structure was designed by Chicago based architects Ronneberg, Pierce & Hauber. It’s timeless Spanish Revival design has stood the test of time and is an iconic structure for the neighborhood. It’s smoke stack stands high over the Irving Park and Elston intersection emanating it’s majesty. The Elston Ave. location has benefitted the building’s businesses for years by allowing easy access to downtown Chicago and an alternative to the busy highway. High traffic counts add crucial street value to the tenants, as well.

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The building has seen dozens of commercial uses come and go. Immediately prior to our acquisition in the late 1980’s, it was a distribution facility for screws, nuts and bolts. As with all buildings, it has seen it’s fair share of renovations.¬†Our most recent renovations helped us turn the most remote and difficult to lease space in the building into one of it’s finest.

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As it stands today, Central Wet Wash is the proud home to a diverse range of businesses including a film company, an e-commerce business, a caterer, dance company and a high-end power tools distributor. Piece by piece, this building has undergone many changes to meet the needs of local and national businesses. This attention to business use is what drives our portfolio today. We added common areas to accommodate our tenants needs and the build-outs for each space were carefully planned and executed. Our model for ownership of a building is one that is constantly changing and evolving for the better at all times.

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