Blueprint Broadcasting

Blueprint Broadcasting

Blueprint Broadcasting works with thousands of small businesses and organizations who want to promote themselves on some of the nation’s best radio stations. Blueprint assists these businesses in bringing awareness to issues such as drunk driving, texting and driving, child safety, breast cancer awareness and military/veteran affairs through radio ad sales all across the country.

When we met the teamĀ at Blueprint, we immediately wanted to lease to them and viewed them as more than just a tenant. They were partners we wanted to work with.

Blueprint 2

Members of the Blueprint Team hard at work

“I knew from day one that I was in the right hands. I actually felt like Lichter Realty was part of my business and there to help us grow.” – Bob Doyle, owner of Blueprint

Bob went on to say that theĀ leasing process felt so natural and easy in comparison to other landlords he’d worked with in the past. They felt our management team was genuine, great to work with and knowledgeable on what it would take to get the space ready for use. Leasing was very easy and straightforward with Blueprint, as well. They felt comfortable signing a long-term lease with us because they knew we would meet their every need.

Blueprint 1

Bullpen area where sales calls are made

Blueprint needed many different specifications in their space and we kept them involved every step of the way. They needed an open floor plan with over thirty phone stations, a few private offices, a kitchen, and storage and utility rooms. The space we leased to them has ample natural light and industrial high ceilings with exposed ducts and piping for a more modern feel.

I highly recommend Lichter Realty to any business that is looking for a modern, beautiful space to operate their business. – Bob

As a growing company, they are always looking for ways to expand in their space. In speaking with Bob, he said, “I know that no matter how aggressive we grow, Lichter will always be able to accommodate our needs.” We plan to grow with Blueprint every step of the way!

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