SONNY+ASH is an award winning visual communication studio specializing in 3D (and virtual reality) computer graphics for the design industry. Their projects can be as small as a single rendering or as large as a full scale production of a film or animation.

A few years ago, as a budding technology start-up, they began renting one of our smaller spaces on Chicago’s northwest side. They were a small team, but they began to grow leaps and bounds, which had them bursting at the seams of their office. We saw that they were rapidly growing and began aligning a larger loft office to fit their business needs. They desired a creative loft environment with high ceilings and ample power. The space also needed a contemporary touch, since they frequently pitched projects to new clients at their office. We knew we had the space for them.

Photo Credit: Old North Media

The transition between spaces was effortless. When speaking with Sonny, he recalled, “This was the first time a landlord shook my hand and gave me a key before we had all the paperwork done. I’ve never had that much trust in a landlord before.”  We believe in providing each of our tenants with a personal approach to their tenancy. As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to accommodate our client’s needs on a case-by-case basis. We gave SONNY+ASH a rental rate they felt comfortable with, so they would be able to scale and grow properly as a company. It has been harmony ever since!


The first time I worked with Lichter, I thought our space was the only one they owned.

Our personal approach to commercial real estate upholds our mission as a boutique firm. We deliver high quality space, while also developing strong partnerships with our tenants. The team at SONNY+ASH initially assumed that we were a small company, because of our detailed and personal approach to leasing. It was later on they realized how big our company actually was.

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