Timberwolf Tools

Timberwolf Tools

After their decision to open up shop in Chicago, Jeff and the team at Timberwolf Tools began their search for a warehouse space to house their distribution center. Timberwolf Tools supplies the timber framing, log building and post & beam industries with specialty power tools. They are an ecommerce business that needed about 5,000 square feet of space. Because their business requires the processing and shipment of products daily, they needed a space in Chicago proper with a loading dock and easy parking for pickups and deliveries.

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They toured many different properties and found they were not finding the right space to fit their needs. Their agent recommended us because we could deliver a newly renovated, clean space, which they were having a hard time finding elsewhere. When Jeff, Director of Operations, told us the specifications he needed, we immediately knew the space at our Central Wet Wash building would be perfect for them.

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We were elated when they decided on signing a lease with us! Upon signing, Timberwolf Tools required a small build-out before they could begin utilizing the space. We completed the necessary updates in a short period of time, which allowed them to move into their space by the lease start date. “The property was beautiful on day one of the lease and has worked great ever since”, said Jeff. By going above and beyond to create a flawless product for our client, we gained a great tenant that would stay with us long term.

Timberwolf Tools, also a family business, finds that working with Lichter Realty feels similar to a team all-rowing in the same direction. When two family businesses work together towards a common goal, open communication and trust is key, so working with Jeff felt effortless. When asked about our leasing process, he said, “The lease agreement was a long document, but Lichter walked us through every page until everyone felt comfortable.” As we set the foundation for a lasting partnership, Timberwolf began entrusting us with becoming an integral part of their business.

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Lichter Realty is a company that wants to earn our business for the long term, so they went out of their way to make us happy and customize our experience. A huge thank you to Lichter and their world-class team of professionals!

We are having a fantastic time working with Jeff and the team at Timberwolf Tools. From our family to yours!

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